Leave a legacy that gives the gift of music by including CCMS in your estate planning documents.

Creating a will or living trust is far more than just executing a legal document. It is an important way to extend your love, care and generosity to the people and causes you care about.

Gifts made through a will, also known as bequests, provide an incredible opportunity to make a real impact in the world of music. You can leave a percentage of your estate, or a specific amount, and the School will ensure that the gift you make is used exactly as you specify. 

And if you already have a will, you can ask your attorney or estate planner to add  a codicil – an add-on to that will that outlines your future gift to CCMS.   Your attorney may suggest other components or additional language so that your will accomplishes your wishes. Finally, be sure to store your will or trust document where it is safe and reasonably accessible.

CCMS’s Encore Society honors those who have made planned giving gifts to the Music School.

If you’d like more information about planned giving or putting CCMS in your will, please contact Development Manager Lynne Sabean at (603) 228-1196 or Lsabean@ccmusicschool.org.

If you need information for your attorney, please click here