Many people are concerned that they might need their resources during the last decades of their lives. This can lead them to reduce or stop their annual giving, even though they continue to care about CCMS. One way to help ensure that the School continues to thrive for many years to come is to consider leaving a gift to CCMS in your will.

Gifts made through a will, also known as bequests, provide an incredible opportunity to make a real impact in the world of music. You can leave a percentage of your estate, or a specific amount, and the School will ensure that the gift you make has the greatest possible impact. And if you already have a will, you don’t need to create a whole new will just to add a bequest. You can ask your attorney or estate planner to add what is known as a “codicil” – an add-on that outlines the bequest you’d like to leave to CCMS.

If you’d like more information about putting CCMS in your will, please contact Interim Executive Director Maryann Lindberg. If you need information for your attorney, please click here.