Music is an incredible gift that spans generations, cultures, abilities, and beliefs. At the Concord Community Music School, people of all ages and musical abilities come together to celebrate the joy of music. You are why that is possible.

Your individual gift, corporate sponsorship, or grant to CCMS enables students with limited financial means to learn how to play an instrument. It helps pay our faculty so they can broaden our musical community. It keeps our 26,000 sq. ft. building humming, so our instrumental and vocal  ensembles have a place to practice and everyone can perform. Your generosity is so important to us, and more critically, to everyone who participates in our music programs.

Thank you for generously giving today and for considering a longer-term gift such as becoming a member of our Orchard Society or putting CCMS into your will. For more information on ways in which you can support the celebration of music, please see the following links:

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