Financial aid is granted to students on the basis of family need and the Music School’s availability of funds. New and continuing students enrolled in private lessons, classes, or ensembles are eligible for financial aid.

Please note: For the current (2022-2023) school year, financial aid funds have already been allocated. There may be limited funds available for the spring 2023 semester, and we encourage applications to be submitted on a rolling basis for consideration at the change in semesters. Please contact Nicole Laurin, Registrar, for details and an application form. 

Continuing Financial Aid Applicants:
If you are a current financial aid recipient looking to continue your aid into the Fall/Spring 2022-2023, the deadline for applications is August 1st, 2022. Please contact Nicole Laurin, Registrar, to submit a new application.

New Financial Aid Applicants:
The deadline for new applicants is August 15th, 2022. New applicants may apply on a rolling basis after the deadline has passed, but funds may be limited or unavailable as financial aid is awarded in the fall for the entire school year.  Please submit your application as soon as you are able!

Click here to download our 2022-2023 application form. 

A family’s financial need is the primary consideration in determining awards. The Financial Aid Committee also considers temporary unemployment, emergencies, illnesses, and total music training expenses. All student financial aid information is confidential. Continuation of assistance depends on evaluation of the student’s musical commitment and progress. Financial aid recipients are encouraged to provide volunteer services for the Music School as scheduled through the office.

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