Your individual gift, corporate sponsorship, and/or grant makes a meaningful impact: 

  • Your gift to Concord Community Music School helps ensure that anyone who seeks to  learn and participate in music, regardless of their financial means or other obstacles, is able to do so. 

  • Your financial assistance make it possible for CCMS to present nearly 200 concerts and recitals every year (most at low- or no-cost).

  • Your donation helps us maintain our 26,000 sq. ft. facility, so that our 1,500 onsite students have access to a wide variety of instruments and musical genres.

  • Your kindness allows us to take music, music and dance therapy (and additional programs) put in the community to preschools, public schools, retirement facilities, and other  locations via our Music in the Community Initiative (MICI), reaching hundreds of people each year who may not be able to come to the School itself.

  • Your generosity helps us attract and retain talented faculty and outstanding staff.

  • Your philanthropy enables us to maintain a large collection of working instruments, including 23 (!) pianos.

  • Your caring helps build lifelong musical friendships.

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