Concord Community Music School partners with schools and organizations throughout the State of New Hampshire, bringing music, music and dance therapy, and the creative arts to people of all ages. These programs, known collectively as Music in the Community Initiatives (MICI), help children deal with trauma, assist New Americans by giving them voice through music, and enable people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease to find healthy ways to keep moving. They provide K-12 teachers with creative tools to help manage students struggling with mental health issues, enable foster children to find joy through music, and provide retirement and nursing home residents with creative ways to stay engaged and active.

These are just some of the ways our Music School faculty collaborate with community partners to bring music to those who might not be able to access programs at the Music School itself. For more information on partnering with CCMS, please contact us at reception [@] or 603-228-1196.

Songweavers at Second Start