The Music School provides a well-rounded musical education, including weekly lessons, regular evaluation, and frequent performance and ensemble opportunities. Taking part in all aspects of the curriculum helps students perform, broaden musical skills, and make new musical friends.

Please see our Lessons page for all of the opportunities, benefits, and activities included in the private lesson curriculum. Tuition for a 16-week semester is as follows:

  • Curriculum with 30-minute lesson: $816
  • Curriculum with 45-minute lesson: $1,184
  • Curriculum with 60-minute lesson: $1,536

Additionally, registration fees are charged as follows:

  • $20 per student, per semester (fall and spring) – private lessons
  • $10 (summer) – all lessons, camps and group programs
  • $10 per semester – classes and ensembles (if not enrolled in private lessons)
  • Family registration fees are not to exceed $80 per year
Students can also enroll in an all-inclusive 5 month payment plan per semester which includes all fees:
  • Monthly payment for a 30-minute lesson: $173.89
  • Monthly payment for a 45-minute lesson: $246.43
  • Monthly payment for a 60-minute lesson: $319.65

Visit our policies page for more information.

NOTE: The Music School welcomes students at any time of the semester, and we will gladly pro-rate the tuition based on the number of lessons remaining in the semester — please contact the Registrar for details or (603) 228-1196.

Please visit the Group Classes, Choruses, & Ensembles page for a range of class and ensemble offerings. Tuition for most classes and ensembles varies according to class size and sponsorship subsidies.

  • 10% discount on ensembles/classes for students enrolled in weekly private lessons.
  • 5% first semester discount for new students (must pay in full upon registration) OR
  • 10% off a 6-week mini-lesson package for new students.
  • 5% discount for continuing students on annual tuition when paid in full by June 30.
  • $100 one-time tuition credit for continuing students who refer a NEW student to the Music School (not returning after an absence; immediate family members are not eligible). New student must include your name upon registration, and you will automatically receive a $100 tuition credit on your account.

Financial aid is available; click here.