Director: Heather Bigelow Hearne

Do you struggle with balance and stability? Do you want to stimulate your memory? Do you want to add fun, laughter, movement and songs to your day? This class is designed to support and enhance memory and mobility. Each session will have moments of stretching, balance and coordination as well as moments where everyone is singing and moving together. For anyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, or other motor disorders, the curriculum is designed to help increase strength and flexibility, and to regulate balance and gait. For those struggling with memory or cognitive loss, the use of repetitive patterns, songs, and movement games help to stimulate neurological connections and memories. Come laugh with us.

The school has a ramp for access and the group meets on the same level. This group is for all abilities and will support those adults in wheelchairs, with walking assistance or full physical mobility.

Heather is a dance movement therapist who uses songs and props to engage the group in fun memory-making and memory-enhancing activities. The goals for this group are to enhance quality of life and to provide a safe place to express our emotions. Through movement and song, we will stimulate neurological connection, improve speech and language, increase sensory processing, lower stress levels, and reduce body stiffness.

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