Jarred Garneau

Jarred Garneau (guitar) has years of experience playing live and completed his BA in Guitar Performance at Berklee College of Music in 2023. He has studied guitar with David Newsam, Dani Rabin, Dan Bowden, and Robin Stone. Specializing in slide guitar and improvisation across various genres, Jarred’s style is unique to himself. In addition to past projects with The Freestones and The Ferret Brothers, Jarred has made a name for himself as a session musician/sideman with names such as Stu Dias, Dean Harlem, Todd Hearon, John Webb, and the Allman Brothers cover band: Idlewild. Jarred’s most recent musical endeavor is his solo band where he collaborates with some of the best musicians in the Seacoast area, with material ranging from blues, jazz, flamenco, classical, and rock. Visit jarredgarneau.com if you are interested in seeing him live and if you are looking for more information about his music and teaching.