2023 Fall Fiddle Fest Highlights

The Fifth Fall Fiddle Festival was a huge success, with no fewer than five fiddlers on faculty, and sold-out workshops and evening concert! Fiddlers and fiddling filled the halls all day long as participants learned new tunes, explored bowing techniques, discovered new strategies for playing backup, and more.
The group sessions in the Recital Hall brought all levels together in a veritable fiddle orchestra, and at the end of the day we welcomed the public to a concert that featured Scottish fiddling champion Maura Shawn Scanlin (fiddle) with Conor Hearn (guitar); CCMS faculty members Audrey Budington, Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, and Liz Faiella (fiddles) with Dan Faiella (guitar) and a surprise guest artist, Festival volunteer and CCMS alum Axel Stewart (piano); and Irish fiddler Liz Knowles (fiddle) with Kieran O’Hare (uilleann pipes).

Fiddling fills the Recital Hall after lunch on Fiddle Fest day. L to R: Dan Faiella (CCMS faculty), Axel Stewart (CCMS alum), Liz Faiella (CCMS Folk, Jazz, and Popular Music Department chair), and Audrey Budington (CCMS faculty).

Festival faculty lead workshop participants during the “group tunes” session in the Recital Hall. L to R: Dan Faiella (CCMS faculty), Axel Stewart (CCMS alum), Liz Faiella (CCMS Folk, Jazz, and Popular Music Department chair), Audrey Budington (CCMS faculty), Liz Knowles (Fall Fiddle Festival guest faculty), and Maura Shawn Scanlin (Fall Fiddle Festival guest faculty).

Fall Fiddle Festival guest faculty member Maura Shawn Scanlin performs in the evening concert with collaborator Conor Hearn on guitar.

Fall Fiddle Festival organizer and faculty member Liz Faiella performs in the evening concert with collaborators Dan Faiella on guitar and Axel Stewart on piano.

CCMS faculty members perform in the evening concert. L to R: Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, Dan Faiella, Audrey Budington, and Liz Faiella.

Here’s what some of the Festival participants had to say:
“I spent over 12 hours immersed in a world of fiddle music.  The day, though, was more than merely a chance to experience lots of music.  This festival was very special.  There was woven throughout the day a feeling that all participants were welcomed with warmth and appreciation  I had the feeling that whatever fiddle skills we brought to the table were just fine. There were indeed places for everyone.” – Earl G.
“The concert was EXCELLENT! …Just a great day overall. I will definitely sign up for next year and recommend it to others!” – Christine D.
“I’m so glad you brought it back!” – Anonymous