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Early Childhood Programs

A child's first musical experience should blend easily into his or her familiar world of sound discovery, imagination and physical movement.

At the Music School, classes are carefully designed to be age-appropriate, with the goal of developing inner hearing and rhythm, not early instrumental skills.

These active classes draw on the educational principles of Dalcroze, Orff and Kodaly, exploring musical concepts through singing, movement and play. All classes are fully accessible for children of differing abilities.


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Choral singing builds musical skills in a fun, social environment. For children who also are learning an instrument, it strengthens sight-reading, ear-training, and rhythmic security. For others, it's an excellent introduction to music. And for all, it's a rich experience of creativity and self-expression.

The Music School offers a variety of choruses, including small adult ensembles, the 120-voice Songweavers chorus, and the Purple Finches children's choral program.



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Summer Programs

Each June and July the Music School offers a series of summer programs.

  • Creative Arts Camp, where students entering grades 1-6 rotate through planned activities that include singing/choreography/instrumental music, dance/creative movement, and visual arts.
  • Jazz Camp for students of all ages, that features ensemble, performance, recording technique, improvisation and instrumental master classes.
  • Music and Movement, open to all children 6 months to 7 years old and their parents/caregivers.
  • Take Three, a team-taught group class for ages 4 - 6, designed as an introduction to individual instruction in piano and integrates rhythm, ear-training and reading.

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Special Events & Workshops

Not able to enroll for more than a weekend? The March Mandolin Festival, Vibrant Voice Workshop, and other weekend workshops are designed to be short but intensive immersions into a favorite musical pursuit.

Special Events, such as the Jazz Workshop Week or the Piano Workshop Week, are free and open to the public and welcome all ages and musical abilities.