b'M U S I C A S A H E A L I N G A R TMusic can help in many areas of life, including mental focus and clarity, vocal health for speaking and singing, stress reduction, and caregiving for loved ones with memory loss. In addition to the following two resources, watch the website for special sessions on topics in Music as a Healing Art, such as Vibrant Voice, techniques for regaining speech after a stroke, or songwriting as an expressive healing technique. Alexander Techniqueaddresses habits of movement that may be interfering with your high function as a musician or as a human being. Alexander Technique can help with issues such as habitual bodily tension, performance anxiety, repetitive strain issues, back and neck pain, facilitating easier ways of moving without the pain or frustration caused by unconscious habits ofJack LOVES music. Music is his tool to express use. Victoria Colehis feelings and to understand the complex Certified Music Practitioners (CMPs)provide one-on- emotions of others. Autism makes that difficult one palliative care to the ill and the dying in hospitals, hospices,for Jack. I am hoping, and have full faith, that Jack homes, and other settings. By focusing on a single patient at a time, the practitioner can provide therapeutic music whichwill grow beyond using music as a tool and find meets the patients needs in the moment, creating a nurturinghis voice. My deepest gratitude to you.environment which facilitates healing. A CMP can work in many - Mother of a student of music therapist Julieann Hartleysettings, from a private home to a delivery room, and from an Alzheimers home to an acupuncture clinic. Katy Gibney, CMP7'