b'M U S I C F O R HEALTH AND WELLNESS E X P R E S S I V E A R T S T H E R A P I E SMost of us know that listening toAs well-established and evidence-based healthcare professions, music music can lift our spirits and thattherapy and dance movement therapy address the physical, emotional, making music can be an outlet for fun,cognitive, communication, and social needs of individuals of all ages. Our highly trained and experienced therapists have helped countless emotional release, and concentration.individuals, from newborn infants to older adults, who are living with Research supports that making musicdyslexia, addiction, anxiety, depression, developmental disability, with trained musical professionalstraumatic brain injury, dementia, autism, bipolar disorder, attention can also provide important healthdeficit hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia, and other conditions. outcomes. The Music School has aMusic therapyaddresses specific physical, emotional, cognitive, and wide continuum of resources in healthsocial needs within a therapeutic relationship. Individually tailored sessions and wellness, from our expressive artsaddress specific goals, which may include improving self-esteem, improving social interactions with peers, increasing participation, promoting reality therapists to the specialized training oforientation, developing coping skills, reducing stress and anxiety, promoting our studio faculty.expression of verbal and non-verbal communication, increasing on-task behavior, and more. Julieann Hartley, MT-BC, NMTPlease call 603-228-1196 to arrange aDance movement therapyis the psychotherapeutic use of movement consultation with one of our licensed to further the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration of the expressive arts therapists, or watchindividual. Sessions use body movement to release emotional or cognitive for special wellness programs atissues, and work toward individualized therapeutic goals such as improving ccmusicschool.org.self-esteem, releasing stress and anxiety, building confidence, improving motor skills, helping speech and language skills, increasing memory, managing pain, and more. Heather Oberheim, R-DMT6'