b'For the last 16 years, we have shared the most amazing partnership! Heather, your teaching has impacted the lives of nearly 500 high school students destined to become teachers and 300 preschoolers destined to become lifelong learners with a love for music. The impact is huge within the many Lakes Region communities we serve.-Patti Hines, M.Ed., Director of Careers in Education at Huot Technical Center, LaconiaT H E M U S I C S C H O O L I N T H E C O M M U N I T YThe Music School follows the tradition started by theThe Music School partners with hospitals, mental Settlement House movement a century ago, with ahealth providers, public schools, preschools, retirement commitment to making quality arts education accessiblecommunities, and other human service organizations to to everyone. Financial aid for individual students is areach nearly half of those weekly participants. Our Music significant part of the Music Schools budgetin fact, 59%in the Community Initiative fosters those partnerships, of our 1,650 weekly students receive free or reduced-costallowing Music School faculty to teach hundreds of instruction or therapeutic services, thanks to generousindividuals across New Hampshire whose access is limited donors & charitable funders. by disability, distance, or economic status. 4'