b'We are the heart, always open, beating in rhythm,the core of everything, the center of the city,making a beautiful music of song and laughter, of strings and winds, patiently teaching us to listen, to keep time to the beat of this heart.- Mairead McNameeKingCCMS cello alumna, 2006; Boston College alumna 2012Excerpt from poem entitledWe are.Concord Community Music SchoolConcord Community Music School23 Wall Street Concord, New Hampshire 03301-3742T. 603/228-1196F. 603/226-3151www.ccmusicschool.org Riverbend 2014 Champion for Mental HealthPrinted on Astrolite from Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc.Photographs by Elizabeth Frantz, Geoff Forester, FieldWork Photos,Liza Poinier, Pam Wicks, and Bill Wilson. Editors Pick 2013 Best Music School for Everyone'