b'This gentle institution links literally thousands of people across New Hampshire.- Lew Feldstein, President Emeritus, SUMMER 2019 Photo: Becky Field, FieldWork Photos New Hampshire Charitable FoundationWelcome to Concord Community Music Schooland to our 35th anniversary celebration! In the past few months I have been so moved by our alumnithe little kids I taught in 1984who are wonderful parents, musicians, teachers, doctors, and in roles too numerous to name.Ive enjoyed Liz, Dan, Audrey, and Scott in our latest summer performance series, delighted in the musical friendships of talented Glaswegians at Madeleines wedding, smiled at Jeff as Claras Music & Movement dad, and been impressed with Rebeccas leadership in Riverbends Mental Health Awareness Month. Even the big kids are in new roles: one of our first donors in 1984 is celebrating his 90th birthday, and was just in our studio recording some blues tunes with his teacher David. As a new generation of faculty, donors, and students enlivens the Music School in ways that we cant yet imagine, its exciting to think about 35 years from today. Theres so much to be proud of, so much to celebrate, and so much to imagine. We sincerely hope that you will join us in shaping the next chapter of joyful music-making and musical friendships. Sincerely,Peggy Senter, President & Founder1'