b'R E G I S T R A T I O N I recently started playing more instruments and realized just how important a musical foundation I had acquired A N D S C H O O L P O L I C I E S from my time with the lovely and ever-patient Catharine Dornin. Now at work we have a band, and a grand piano at our Corporate Headquarters. Music matters!!- Amanda Grappone Osmer, owner, Grappone The academic year is divided into two 16-week semesters:Automotive Group, and piano alumna, 1987-1994fall and spring, with a flexible summer session. Registration enrolls a student for the entire semester. New students are welcomed throughout the year on a space-available basis; tuition will be prorated for those registering mid-semester.New students inquiring about individual instruction receive an orientation with the appropriate department chairsee page 8.See our website at ccmusicschool.org for details on: PaymentPhoto release WithdrawalEvaluation weeks Late registrationMissed lessons Tuition and registration feesSchool cancellationFinancial aidis granted to students on the basis of family need and the Music Schools availability of funds, thanks to generous community support. New and continuing students enrolled in private lessons, classes, or ensembles are eligible for financial aid. All student financial aid information is confidential. Please visit ccmusicschool.org for an application, or stop by the Music School.17'