b'M A K I N G M U S I CT O G E T H E RThe community that surrounds these places is Chamber music, rock, jazz, and folk ensembles enableso important. Students and teachers are friends students to grow with musical friends as they mature in skillsand family, peers and mentors. At the Royal and understanding, offering challenging opportunities forConservatoire of Scotland, I have found the same advancement. Ensembles for young people and adults fromkind of home. I wouldnt have discovered it without elementary through advanced levels are arranged by facultyhaving this community in Concord to begin with.department chairs to ensure a well-matched group. Rehearsals- Madeleine Stewart, 2014 Music School graduate,stress intonation, cueing, rhythmic security, and cooperation.2019 fiddle graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of ScotlandFrequent ensemble performances at the Music School and beyond provide incentives and fun. Ideas for new small ensembles come from teachers (who love toScholarshipmatch up students), and from you, so let us know if youd like to make music with others! We welcome all ensemble members who are at a comfortable instrumental level, whether orEnsembles:not they are private lesson students at the Music School.Woodwind Quintet Scholarship Ensemblesare designed for highly motivated and advanced highVocal Ensemble school students seeking a challenging experience. Its a big commitment and a LOT of fun,Jazz Ensemble often resulting in lifelong friendships; talk to your teacher about auditions in September.Folk Ensemble Selected students receive full scholarships funded by corporate and foundation sponsors. Several Scholarship Ensembles each year, chosen from the possibilities listed in the sidebar,Chamber Ensemble are formed based on auditions.14'