b'R A I SE I began learning folk dances and solfge as a joyful Y O U R V O I C E ! little kindergartener in the Fledglings. Over the years I sang and danced my way through all three choruses, every week finding a stronger love and appreciation for music. To watch a student, shy on the first day, be able There is a place for everyone to raise their voicesto confidently sing a solo in the spring concert seven months later, is priceless.together at the Music School. Join a community- Olivia Dodd, Purple Finches alumna now studying at theof singers and sing out with new friends. Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in LondonPurple Finches Youth Chorus (grade levels K-8) Choral singing is a rich experience of creativity and self-expression that builds musical skills in a fun, social environment. For children also learning an instrument, it strengthens sight-reading, ear-training, and rhythmic security. And for all, its a rich experience of creativity and self-expression! There are three levels of Purple Finches: Fledglings, Fliers, and Finches, which allow an age-appropriate sequence of musical development, as students achieve musical literacy through regular rhythm, solfge, and ear-training, based on a hybrid of Kodly and other methods. The choruses perform frequently. $175/semester. Maria IsaakNotes on tuition for choruses and ensembles: Tuition for most classes and ensembles varies according to class size and sponsorship subsidies; please see ccmusicschool.org or call 603-228-1196. Students enrolled for at least 8 weeks of individual instruction receive a 25% discount on ensembles. A non-refundable registration fee of $30 per student ($50 per family) is payable once a year and covers enrollment from September through August, including summer lessons.12'