b'The Music School provides a well-rounded musical I N D I V I D U A L education, including weekly lessons, regular evaluation, and frequent performance and ensemble I N S T R U C T I O N opportunities. Taking part in all aspects of the curriculum helps a student perform more easily, broaden musical skills, and make new musical friends.Lessons and so much more! Your tuition for the full curriculum includes:Music study brings many rewards: the discipline of An orientation session to discuss your own individual goalspracticing regularly, the delight of experiencing music Weekly lessons especially designed to meet your goalsthrough movement and song, the confidence gained Regular evaluation through written reports and faculty from performance, and the friendships made through making music with others. panels A 25% discount on tuition for weekly ensemblesRehearsals and performances with professional accompanists, including student recitals (70+ per year) Informal performance workshops with feedback toteachers Performance opportunities in the community Regular open jam sessions Option to participate in the Royal Conservatory MusicDevelopment Program Master classes & morePlease visit ccmusicschool.org for details on getting started with an individual orientation and teacher recommendation.8'